Why Tinder Is Dead (The Algorithm Of Loneliness)

Modern men largely associate dating success with ‘luck’.

Even if they don’t openly admit it, they don’t know any practical ways to meet new women, and so they passively wait for some random girls––often below their standards––to appear in their life and make a move first.

Think I’m exaggerating it?

Just look at your social circle.

It’s very common to find people who are single and obviously attracted to each other in the same group who never date because he’s too shy to ask her out.

Know what is even crazier?

Swipe Swiping Right GIF

Thinking you can build a great romantic and sex life through Tinder.

The whole idea that you’re not allowed to talk to a girl unless you fit into her perfect standards of beauty is flawed and renders guys even more static and insecure than they already are.

Plus, research confirms that up to 78% of Tinder users are men who will swipe right in almost every time.

Wanna guess how many times a girl will swipe on a guy? 4 times out of 100.

And that’s not even a guarantee she will reply to you, let alone accept to meet you on a date.

If you’re ready to leave this complicated, frustrating nonsense behind and learn two proven methods to meet girls without being a model check the video below.

In it, I will reveal to you how to finally take control of your dating life in 2022.

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The crazy stuff?

Paradoxically, most of this success, including with girls, truly happens on autopilot once you put action where it actually matters.

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