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I’m an introvert. Is your coaching suitable for me?

The majority of our students describe themselves as introverted, shy, or quiet. Typically, other pick-up workshops encourage men to be ‘more alpha’, ‘pump their state’ and to ‘be a boss’, which can work for a lot of extraverted, socially-outgoing guys. However, for introverts it can mean putting on a ‘pick-up mask’, taking on personality traits that aren’t authentic and giving people a false image of who you really are. Even though you may see some initial success, the downside will be that women will ultimately learn who you really are behind the mask and feel deceived. Our approach is to encourage you to work with your natural temperament instead of forcing you to be something that you’re not. This doesn’t mean you won’t be stepping outside of your comfort zone and trying new things, but ultimately you’ll learn what you have to naturally offer women and how to express that. At the same time, we’re not trying to turn you into the next James Marshall or Liam McRae. Think of it as an act of calibrating; finding the things you’re doing too much of, like talking too fast, and toning them down, or taking the things you aren’t doing enough of, like sharing your passions, and teaching you to do those things more.

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