Lifestyle Design vs Seduction (Video)

When it comes to developing a cool lifestyle wherever you are in the world, there is usually the organic slow burn, which relies on your gradually meeting people and stumbling across interests and new social scenes. This can literally take years to build or may not happen at all if you are isolated or have limited contacts.

Put in the effort needed to have a better life for yourself

To build an amazing lifestyle full of fun activities, interesting friends and sexy women, you must put effort into it. Many guys fall into the mindset of only focussing on one area of their life at a time, whether that is career, lifestyle or seduction. Sometimes yes you need to have sole focus that devours most your attention, but in general, combining these elements of your life goals will deliver much broader results. Although we endorse cold approach as a vital skill for having access to any woman you see, meeting women through a scene or hobby is certainly easier, as it is expected that people within a social scene be open to each other.

Building a lifestyle of hobbies you enjoy makes you a more attractive man. The reason is, when you are changing yourself and sculpting your life in a desirable way, you become desirable. You unconsciously carry a different energy with you that draws people to you. You radiate a happiness that is alluring to those who look at you. Therefore, put in the effort needed to have a better life for your self. Seek out that which you like to do. Creating the life you want is initially hard work, but after a while it becomes enjoyable and starts to generate it’s own momentum that eventually doesn't require you to maintain it, just to turn up and enjoy yourself.

Girls who are into the same subculture as you are much easier to meet. You have commonality, she's socially obliged to be friendly to you and she will have less fear or barriers to meeting you outside of class because you have mutual connections. Now of course if your seduction skills suck, no amount of proximity at yoga class will help. But when you mix game and lifestyle, the results skyrocket. When approaching and seducing within a social scene,, there are some key points to keep in mind.

Firstly, if you will see her frequently, don’t be full on with your interest. Overt direct statements of interest will create negative pressure and she’ll likely reject your advances. Flirt with her playfully instead of trying to treat her like a girl on the street. Saying things like “Good choice on your outfit today”, instead of “you look sexy in that outfit today” will deliver the message and keep you out of the friend zone without freaking her out.

Keep in mind this is the primary way she meets men anyways. Most couples meet through social circle, so there is no new paradigm to try to make her step into.

If you have some seduction ability and start moving into new social circles regularly, lifestyle game will become a major element in your success statistics.

Have fun building a lifestyle that you desire. Seek that which you want. This process of doing that will change you for the better. And of course, take advantage in your hobbies to meet women because the truth is, it's easier.

If you want to learn more on creating a desirable lifestyle filled with fun and women, come join me an the TNL team in of our workshops. Full details HERE.

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