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3-Day, 100% Customised Training In Miami

Smash your wildest dating & lifestyle goals with our 100% customized private mentorship programs…

Our private intensives are the sweet spot for men looking for the most personalized and time-efficient level of coaching available within the TNL system.

In this workshop, you will be taught privately by TNL’s newest rising star, female executive coach Virag Tierra, as she will take you by the hand and show you how to unlock new peak levels of abundance with girls and refine your seductive character while staying true to who you are.

Get ready for some of the most fast-paced, insight and adventure-packed days of your life that will ignite your confidence, social intelligence and abilities to communicate with and understand women.

Daily Schedule

Schedule-wise, no two private workshops look the same. That's because YOU get to decide the direction and focus of the program with Virag based on and what needs the most attention to reach your personal dating goals in record time*.

Looking to get a high quality, supporting girlfriend on your side?
Build a crazy rotation of sexy lovers to fullfill your wildest fantasies with?
Or just get a better understanding of female psychology to bring more interesting female friends in your social circle and get introduced to their girlfriends?

No matter your starting point, you’ll receive some of the best education and practical drills available in the world to accomplish your seductive goals.

Every private workshop includes over 6 hours of coaching per day split between theory classes, live infield sessions with Virag giving you feedback in real-time as you meet women and debrief panels where you’ll analyze your daily results and set new goals for the next one. 

You also get the opportunity to practice your every seductive skills in a safe environment before you hit the streets with our team of female roleplay models. These small-group sessions are aimed to give you honest feedback from girls on how it feels like for them to be approached and seduced by you. 

What follows is a sample of the concepts & drills covered in our live coaching programs…

*Prior to the workshop, we ask every client to fill in a detailed goals & personality type form which gives us a detailed overview of your needs and what to focus on first.

Day 1

& Character Work


Inner game & meditation

How to use psychotherapy and meditation techniques to dive in and heal emotional blockages and traumas (includes daily sessions).

How to talk to women anywhere

Learn how to approach women in any environment, day and night, without any awkwardness or tension from both sides.

Crafting your attractive character

Become truly attractive & sexy to most women’s standards by embodying a proven masculine archetype women have been seduced by for centuries. *Includes fashion & aesthetic consultation with Virag.

Number closing & the first text

Master a step-by-step procedure for asking for her number at the right time as well as a simple first message that guarantees she will reply to and happily see you again.

Female psychology blueprints

A multi-layer toolbox to rapidly figure out what kind of girl is in front of you and calibrate your actions based on her personality, fears and inner desires.


Day 2

Seductive Communication
& Closing The Deal


Intriguing conversations 101

Our proven conversation framework is guaranteed to make girls spontaneously open up to you and invest in the interaction while never making you run out of things to say.

5-step Intent drill

How to go from friendly stranger to sexy potential lover in five basic steps. This is about raising her temperature progressively so that she’s ready for more without experiencing any tension.

Instant dates

How to instantly go on dates with attractive women you just approached. After the workshop, this could be your everyday reality, if you want to.

Texting A-Z

The delicate art of sending enough of the right messages so that she wants to see you again in a matter of days, and not weeks (or months!).

How to properly set a date she won’t miss

How to never get flaked on again. The exact words to say so that she doesn’t cancel on you and she’s already open and comfortable as soon as you meet in person.


Day 3

Date Strategies
& Lifestyle Mastery


Smooth touch escalation

How to progressively touch a woman and make her so turned on and wild that she will start making moves on you.

TNL’s 2-part objection handling framework

the art of dissolving resistance fast and negotiating boundaries with women so that they’re open to experiment anything with you.

How to take her home instantly

Truth is, women love to experience crazy adventures, but many guys are not bold enough to make it happen. Our students are notoriously famous for wasting no time and taking things to the bedroom faster than anyone else.

The ultimate guide to female fantasies

How to literally fuck her mind to hypnotic levels of bliss so that she keeps coming to you for more.

How get tons of cool women in your life - social circle expansion

The same blueprint James Marshall used to create a global network of hot female friends and high-value collaborators that get him laid on autopilot. This is the icing on the cake that separates the most seductive men in the world from wannabe pick up artists.

100% free inquiry. Get on a free consulting call with our enrollment team to learn more about this program.

Want Virag to come to your city?

If you can’t make it to Miami, USA Florida, for the private intensive or want to learn how to become amazing with girls in your own country, you can hire Virag to fly in and coach you in your city too!

In short, the duration and modalities of the private training will remain the same, but you also get to choose the location.

Special conditions and extra fees (such as sponsoring your coach’s travel and accommodation) apply for this type of coaching, so we recommend you speak with our team asap to plan everything properly.

100% free inquiry. Get on a free consulting call with our enrollment team to learn more about this program.

A Message by Virag Tierra

One thing I’ve learned over the past six years spent traveling the globe with the TNL team is that even the most talented and successful people rarely make it alone.

By enrolling in this program, you’re making a solid commitment to work with the best in the world to create a lifestyle of total freedom and elite dating abundance most men can only dream of. My role as a coach is to help you facilitate this process by providing you with a map and tools that when properly used can radically transform your reality in as little as 3 days.

And I will be there every step of the way, assisting you through the most epic and challenging moments of this beautiful journey that will turn you into the best Man you can possibly be. 

Hope to see you soon in Miami.

Alex León

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