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How does the EuroTour work?

The EuroTour is our flagship, premiere workshop designed for the most committed and dedicated men who truly want to undertake the ultimate of seduction and lifestyle coaching. Travelling across 3 different cities over 11 days, you’ll be constantly adjusting to new cultures and surroundings, like a commando being dropped in the jungle with nothing but a combat knife. It’s the ultimate initiation into uncovering your inner seducer and the best investment you can make into becoming a more confident, well-rounded man. Along with the accommodation we also arrange your transport between the cities, however you are responsible for flying to and from the starting and finishing locations, as well as living expenses and buying your clothes during the styling session. It’s important to note that the EuroTour is not a 10 day, happy-go-lucky mystical rainbow ride where you get to hang out with some cool pick up dudes and get drunk. If you want to do sightseeing or a pub-crawl, this isn’t the workshop for you. The EuroTour is an intense experience that will push you to your limits emotionally, physically, mentally and spiritually, and we only accept men who are truly ready to undertake such a journey. You have been warned.

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