Sex God Masterclass

The Sex God Masterclass

Do you want to be a sex god?

T he Sex God Masterclass is a week-long course that offers six men the unique opportunity to gain world class training and in-depth practical exploration into the world of ultimate sex mastery.

During the course we cover the full spectrum of sexual experience. From revealing how to use meditation, embodiment and spiritual practice to create deep connection and awaken powerful sexual energy through the art of Tantra.

Full spectrum of sexual experience

Through to showing how to create the most intense sexual chemistry by pushing the roles of dominant and submissive to their extremes through the practice of BDSM.
We explore all the shades of grey in between, including; using toys, massage, positions, anal sex, threesomes, filming it, lasting for hours, training women to be your willing mistress and so much more. All of this is done hands on with a team of beautiful sexually open female assistants.

W e will also explore the interpersonal containers involved in the sexual exchange - yours and her psychology, and how to unleash both your wild, unashamed desires and intimate connections. This course will guide you to make the physical and psychological shifts necessary to fully unlock your sexuality and open your mind to the amazing hidden possibilities of sexual play, while giving you the tools and practical skills to bring this knowledge into your sex life.

Hand-picked female models 
& TNL Coaches

The handful of men invited to join this workshop will work closely with hand-picked female models and TNL coaches to make a life-changing journey of exploration - to fully discover and master their sexuality. This is a one of a kind workshop where, for the first time anywhere, all aspects of sexuality are taught by masters of their arts with a group of sensual beautiful women assisting you to get real time practice.

Why do you need this?

T he problem is more than just the threat of erection failure or the inability to last long enough. It’s much more than the need to learn some tricks with a vibrator or a few new positions. The truth is that most guys are simply unaware of how much they lack in sexual abilities and self- actualization as a lover. This is not usually due to their own unwillingness to expand their understanding in this area.

The taboos of prudish culture, conditioned shame, unrealistic depictions in porn and few accomplished mentors who are willing and able to share their knowledge all create a situation where men and women are so often left unsatisfied sexually. The often awkward and limited communication between men and women on the subject of sex have all made learning about how to advance as a sexual being very difficult.

The unfortunate result of this, is that most men are almost totally unfamiliar with the immensity of skills, and almost completely unaware of the inner game shifts necessary, to become one of the rare men that women fantasize about - The man who is an accomplished lover, who can not only lead women to orgasm but take them on the wildest sexual adventures they have ever known and will be remembered by them in the way that he has earnt:

As a Sex God

What is a sex god?

T he sex god enjoys the highest possible levels of satisfaction in sex, and the sexual confidence he has attained permeates his entire character, inspiring his game and presence with new power.

He knows he can take a woman further than she’s ever been sexually and she can feel that when he looks her in the eye and projects his smoldering intent. Because the sex god is such rare man, women will remember him and want to hold onto him, so he will have greater choice with his lovers and inspire stronger commitment from them as a result.

If you’re interested in exploring multiple relationship dynamics and want to be the guy in a number of ladies’ lives who they go to for casual sex then you simply have to be incredible in bed.

I n romance and relationships of any type, only authentic interactions that involve emotional impact will progress, and there simply is no deeper emotional impact than that caused by highly charged sexual encounters.

Unfortunately, what this means is that if you’re not able to create a strong impact with a woman sexually then you will eventually be forgotten. This has nothing to do with your character and personality, and you could easily be at the top of your game socially and able to smoothly open interactions and lead women all the way to the bedroom. However, when you get there, due to a lack of ability and confidence resulting from inexperience and a lack of learning opportunities, the most you can offer is brief, uncreative sex lacking excitement, deep connection and true intimacy. Even with good compatibility in other areas, the courtships will ultimately fall flat, leaving both you and her frustrated and unsatisfied. Even average performances in bed, though technically satisfying will bore a woman if you don’t know how to go deeper and reveal more of her fantasy world.

At the same time even a guy with average game who gives a woman amazing sex will have her begging for more, meaning you have the ability to hold together a harem of lovers without the need for constant approaching.

Women crave a sexual master

W omen are incredibly sexual beings who are very curious about potentially incredible sexual experiences they have never had the opportunity to explore. The huge success of a book like ‘Fifty Shades of Grey’ is a clear indicator that many women are dying to take a walk on the wild side and find out what they are missing out on.

Her deepest, darkest fantasies

These ladies rarely get the chance to explore their deepest, darkest fantasies because there are so few men who have the maturity, understanding and skills to safely and confidently guide them through the wild and extreme pleasures they’ve been reading and dreaming about.

So many women are waiting for a sex god who not only has the balls to lead her but also the ability to push her limits, dominate her and take her further than she’s ever been before with creative and intense erotic nights. The men that master these skills begin to have immense choice in who they share their bed with and flip the power dynamic of needing to chase and convince women, instead becoming a rare prize man women are addicted to.

You have been invited

A fter 2 years of running the course by invitation only to TNL selected alumni, I’m now opening up to all our fans to have the opportunity to apply for the Sex God Masterclass.

Open for all our fans

It’s not necessary that you have huge seduction or sexual experience to apply but you must have the right type of mindsets and motivation. To apply you’ll need to get on a call with one of our team to see if this is the right workshop for you.

If you feel you have the maturity and commitment to the bigger picture of becoming a sexual master for the benefit of you and your partners - read on to find out what’s inside this completely unique course.

The evolution of the sex god masterclass

I n 2017 TNL moved into developing it’s next evolution of men’s lifestyle training, building on a decade of experience in seduction, inner game and lifestyle design. We took time to design new advanced workshops for our previous clients who want to take their skills to expert levels. Myself and Shae Matthews got together to build the world’s first, hands on comprehensive sexual mastery course.

World’s first comprehensive sexual mastery course

We realized that trying to teach sex in theory classes without practical application would be useless and so we brought together a group of sexy, open minded women to assist our clients in practicing all the techniques we taught them. We ran the first course in Barcelona with a small group of our inner circle clients, with truly mind-blowing results. With further improvements, we ran it again the next year.

T his course pushed the limits of our team as we prepared painstakingly detailed and uncompromisingly practical material to create a life- changing process no one had ever experienced before. We saw groups of men at different levels of sexual competence at the beginning of the course make giant leaps towards sexual mastery throughout the week.

World’s first comprehensive sexual mastery course

In the safe and supportive environment that we established, questions, exploration, experimentation and creativity were encouraged. Through hours of physical sessions with the girls, in depth demonstrations and practical tutorials on every piece of the toolkit, guys were able to become more sexually empowered than they ever felt was possible.

Here’s what some of the men involved in the course had to say:

“I didn’t just learn how to spank. It’s my whole demeanor and how I’m interacting with women that’s changed. It can be subtle but it can also be something more extreme, like holding them down and using impact play. But it’s the dynamic that I’m bringing to that which has made the biggest difference. Women are responding to that very strongly. Also I feel confident; 
I’m gonna tie you up, take off your jeans, flog you...

I know what i’m doing. There’s no moment where I’m thinking uh oh what if she thinks this or that. I just have the confidence that even if she’s not experienced, I’m gonna walk her through this thing that’s new for her, which she’s totally gonna fuckin love. How awesome...

It’s an aspect of confidence in sex that many men cannot get. How many men can go and say I’m gonna fuckin blow her away, and then be pretty much confident that that’s gonna happen. That’s a very precious skill to have and I feel almost like a have a super power that puts me ahead of the game.”

John, 28 - Software Startup, USA

“The course changed me completely. I not only have the confidence that I could provide an amazing experience for her, which in itself instill a lot of calmness in me. But I also knew how to calibrate to different types of women and different situations. Whereas one woman might be into much rougher stuff, another might need to be eased into it more sensually... but at the end I was always confident that I could deliver a new experience for her and be one of the better if not the best lovers that she’s ever had.

It was a mix of both solidity in myself and my masculine core. But also being able to go with the art of the flow and the experience itself. It’s really empowering your masculinity while also embracing all the other stuff can happen. It’s really an experiential flow that you really need to see in person and in action to believe. I remember hearing the girls in the course talk about what they were actually go through as we worked together.

They were opening up more each day. The more extreme the techniques got, the more they became radiant. It goes against so much of what you learn when you’re being raised, or what society says, and that they just love the solid masculinity that you have.

They love being led, being dominated, but also knowing you’re not just this dude just hitting them, that you care for them and they can trust you to lead them places almost no one else could.”

Adi, 42, Business Owner, USA

Inside the sex god masterclass


T here are courses on sexual development available, such as Tantra workshops or involvement in the Bondage, Domination and Sado-Masochism scene. However these avenues involve a lengthy commitment to one particular approach to sexuality, with an often rigid lifestyle and dogma surrounding the methods. Mostly these courses and retreats offer very gradual or limited practical exploration that you may or may not even resonate with in the end.

Powerful multiple sexual disciplines

The course we have developed is specifically designed to condense the most powerful and useful aspects of multiple sexual disciplines, removing all the vague mysticism and unnecessarily complex rituals and getting down to the areas of mastery you really need.
You don’t need to become a yogi or a leather-clad Dominant to master the power of these disciplines and we will show you how to integrate these skills with normal girls who want to experiment.

Full spectrum sexual mastery

W e will explore both light and dark approaches to sex. From gentle methods for deep connection such as Tantra and erotic massage, to wilder stuff including BDSM and advanced co-created fantasies. The workshop combines a wide range of physical techniques, such as exploring massage and sensuality, to the proper use of toys and how to consistently introduce women to more extreme sexual acts like, impact play, restraints, masterfully applied anal sex and squirting orgasms.

Navigate her desires and fears

We also teach you the complexities of female sexual psychology, so you can navigate her desires and fears. You’ll learn to encourage her curiosity, build a fantasy together, help her feel safe enough to really let go, and also show you how to provide after care, so that she knows you can safely take her to the wild side of her desires and then confidently lead her back again.

You will work with models who have been handpicked for their mature attitude and openness to this kind of ground-breaking workshop experience. We will also help you to accomplish the inner game transformations you need, to be the kind of man who has the balls, intensity and grounded masculinity needed to take these techniques out of the workshop and into the bedroom.

The coaches


Dominic is the personal BDSM mentor to the TNL team and is Australia’s highest paid male professional Dominant. With over 20 years of practical experience of this complex power exchange dynamic, he helps women to dive into their deepest and darkest fantasies. A living master of the erotic shadow arts, he combines a range of techniques such as sex healing, sex magic and tantra alongside his in-depth understanding of the theoretical and practical aspects of BDSM, to weave his magic with women.

Shae Matthews

The inner game master of TNL, Shae has travelled the world for 15 years studying and exploring the practical application and transformative power of sacred sexuality. This includes modalities such as Tantra, shamanic sexual trance states, sex healing, sensual massage and ancient techniques for incredible stamina and male multi-orgasms.

James Marshall

I have spent my adult life exploring the intricacies of the female mind and body. I have enormous experience with how to draw a woman out of her inhibitions and engage her willingness to experiment with everything from anal sex to BDSM, from complex fantasy role-plays to home pornography, and on to threesomes and the challenges of managing a harem of new girls and regular lovers.

Course modules


Few men have the confidence and skills to know they will be able to satisfy every woman. No matter what level of experience you currently have, it’s important we go over the foundations and get everyone up to speed, before mastering the advanced techniques. We will examine your basic toolkit for good sex and test your knowledge by looking at:

  • Female Anatomy

    Understand her body and handle it masterfully.
  • Undressing

    Turn this potentially awkward task into something sexy and fun.
  • Position

    Learn to move seamlessly through a variety of positions and avoid getting stuck in missionary forever.
  • Grooming

    TNL’s top tips for getting your equipment bedworthy.
  • Sexual Health

    Protect yourself and your partners by learning to dodge STIs like a sex ninja.
  • Science Of Arousal & Orgasm

    Learn the connection between chemistry, erogenous and mental arousal through to orgasm.
  • Communication

    Learn to open up with her about desires, her body, fantasies, turn ons/offs, etc.
  • The 5 Principles

    How sex relates to TNL’s Five Principles of Natural Seduction.


To be a great lover you need mastery of your own body, mind and arousal state. Expanding awareness of yourself and your partner leads you to embody the sex god archetype. Through ancient meditation and physical disciplines, you will be able to fully accept your libido and understanding the psychology behind your own personal relationship with sex. We will teach you methods for developing a grounded and solid masculine body/mind presence through:

  • Black Dragon Yoga

    Shake of your inhibitions, unify heart and sex, awaken sexual energy and condition your body into fluid masculine grace with this powerful sex yoga practice.
  • Swimming Dragon

    Improvemind body synergy, flexibility, balance, circulation and hip/spine flexibility.
  • Shaolin Qi Gong

    Learn James’ personal pre-sex warm up routine, with techniques direct from Shaolin temple.
  • Hip/Spine Mobility

    Special focus on this area to master essential thrust control and physical dexterity.
  • Tantric Breathing Exercises

    Master arousal control and increase stamina by drawing sexual energy using the “microcosmic orbit”.
  • Meditation

    Train your mind to appreciate sensations, remain present to the full enjoyment of the moment and avoid losing control of your arousal too soon.


Women experience arousal to a large degree through mental and emotional states which men, who are more focused on what they see, often struggle to understand. Women have rich and deep fantasy worlds that rarely get revealed. Become the man who women express their deepest desires to and learn how to make these a reality.
You will learn to co-create and take women through fantasy scenes, from start to finish including: negotiating and creating the fantasy, choosing and embodying roles, leading her through emotional and physical intense moments and building an erotic narrative.

  • Setting the Container

    Find out how to introduce her to fantasy play.
  • Delving Into Female Sexuality

    Learn to draw out her fantasies.
  • Dirty Talk

    Using commands and non-cheesy dirty talk for powerful erotic effect.
  • Role Play

    Discover the basic archetypes behind all fantasies and learn to embody the powerful sexual roles that will tap into her secret desires.
  • Logistics & Planning

    Smoothly creating seamless detailed fantasy worlds.
  • Leadership

    Learn how to lead a woman to let you into the world of her sexual fantasies, embody the roles that drive her crazy and take her through the process and back to the present smoothly without a jarring return to reality.


One crucial aspect of the sex god is his appreciation of the subtleties of connection and pleasure. Especially with very intimate lovers you need a way to move past only using friction-based sex to connect, a way of getting both of you out of your head and into the present full body reality. Tantra is an ancient system that combines sexual practice with spiritual understanding, in order to bring two lovers into the fullest possible state of union.

Unfortunately, there are a lot of courses available that are unnecessarily long and taught by waffling would-be gurus in a sleazy and cringe-worthy hippy environment. We have researched many methods and attended workshops worldwide so that you don’t have to and have brought back the essential wisdom without all the bullshit. Through our introduction to the Art of Tantra you will discover:

  • Openness

    Learn how to lead her to a higher level of full connection with you.
  • Breathing Techniques

    Work with a model to master the fundamentals of partner Tantra.
  • Embodying The Divine

    Discover how you as a couple can embody the divine feminine and masculine.
  • Connection

    Remove barriers between you and experience the incredible transformation of open-hearted sexual encounter.
  • Kundalini

    Use ancient techniques to awaken the power of this pure and indescribable sexual energy.
  • Sexual Stamina

    Learn breathing and physical techniques to get it up and keep it up as long as you want.
  • Multiple Full Body Orgasms

    Learn how to make your body multi orgasmic and coach your partners into full body release.
  • Tantric Ritual

    Lead a woman through a process of full intimate union combining presence, breathing, partner meditation techniques and sexual yoga.


Women want to see their man deeply affected by the experience of sex. It’s frustrating and ultimately unfulfilling for her if her man is quiet, unresponsive and seems somehow absent. If a man can express his sensuality it makes his woman feel sexy and more open to expression and exploration. The more pleasure he can experience the more the intensity for both increases. The sex god is a man who relishes touch, pleasure and intimacy.

  • Sexual Trance

    Discover how to help her step out of potentially boring and awkward logic-bound rational thought scapes and into pure feeling.
  • Sensual Play

    Acquire the best ways to include all senses in sexual play, in any environment.
  • Sexual Vulnerability

    Become the one who can lower her defenses by discovering how to detach from your own ego and fear and rediscover innocence.
  • Sensual Awareness

    Heighten your awareness of and sensitivity to pleasure.


Understanding female anatomy is a foundation for bringing her pleasure, and the sex god is one who understands that pleasuring a woman means knowing how to caress and squeeze her whole body, not just her tits and ass. Understanding the principles of massage will give you command and confidence with touching the female body and will give you an invaluable aid to all seductions and moments of physical escalation.

Through the course you will discover the full power of touch by learning:

  • Advanced Sensual Massage Routines

    Relax and arouse your partners and deliver incredible pleasure while increasing your mastery over the female body.
  • Seduction Application

    How to use massage in escalation and seduction situations.
  • Female Anatomy

    Erogenous zones, arousing her from multiple physical points.
  • A Range Of Styles

    Go from therapeutic to sensual to tantric/ sexual massage techniques.


Many women have dark fantasies of losing control, being dominated, and being involved in creative specialized fantasies, often featuring theatrical violence. A sex god who can take control of these dark desires without judgement. He allows a woman to unleash her full sexuality, meaning he will have the unique opportunity to experience the full range of her sluttiest potential. If a man is not able to explore beyond the realms of vanilla sex then he is in danger of losing not only the many women who have these fantasies but also the chance to experience the full range of both his and his partner’s sexual potential.

Be able to confidently apply BDSM techniques and assume the role of dominant sexual man including:

  • BDSM Theory

    Discover how this discipline taps into the heart of energy exchange.
  • Bondage

    Learning rope tying, bondage, rough play, sensory manipulation.
  • Spanking & Flogging

    Learn correct technique to master impact play (using your new custom-made flogger).
  • Understanding Pain

    Discover its relationship to pleasure and how to combine them to raise the intensity of a sexual experience.
  • Command And Dominate Without Being An Asshole

    Practice with role-play models and learn to use voice commands, physical domination, spanking, etc. Live demonstrations of BDSM scenes and techniques.
  • Forum

    Open forums to discuss female sexuality with the models.
  • Female Sexual Psychology

    Understanding common female sexual patterns, fears and fantasies.
  • Pushing The Limit

    Learn advanced and intense BDSM techniques such as sensory deprivation, choking, mummification and pushing the pain barrier.
  • Health And Safety

    How to do BDSM safely, ensuring consent, and understanding the vital art of safe words, negotiation and aftercare.

Advanced Sexual Techniques

The sex god is able to get the fullest compliance from a woman he engages with. As she submits more she feels more sexy and secure in the command of his mastery, while he in turn becomes more dominant and protective. This kind of dynamic is only possible when the man has explored and mastered advanced sexual techniques. This is vital for providing continual variety and erotic exploration with both long-term relationships and more casual partners. The sex god is one who makes sexual exploration a lifetime passion.

You will understand and be able to apply advanced sexual technique including:

  • G Spot/ Squirting Orgasms

    Learn how to train a woman to squirt, giving her most powerful orgasms possible.
  • Toys

    Learn to use the best toys (provided for you) to vastly increase the possibilities for pleasure and ignite her fantasies.
  • Anal Sex

    The precise art of introducing anal sex into your relationships and the techniques that guarantee most women will crave it with you.
  • Oral Sex

    How to find out what each woman enjoys and how to train her to give you head like a porn star.
  • Sex Positions And Techniques

    TNL’s own version of the Kama Sutra!
  • Communication

    Explore areas such as consent, negotiation and comforting her.
  • Experimentation

    Create and inspire an open mind in yourself and your partners.
  • Holding Space

    Learn the inner game that shows her you’re able to support her through the intense experiences you want to take her through.
  • Behaviour Modification

    Using emotional control to bypass bratty behaviour and turn her into a pussycat.
  • Threesomes

    Step-by-step understanding of how to engineer a situation most men never experience and make it a regular reality.
  • Filming Girls

    The right way to ask and all the logistics of home porn.
  • Taboo Breaking

    How to make talking about crazy sex normal.

Sexual Performance

It’s common for men to experience erectile failure and coming to climax too quickly. Men commonly last around 3-5 minutes, in which time a woman has barely had time to even get started. The good news is that this is rarely a medical problem and can be solved.

Overcome sexual performance issues and shame or fear surrounding your sexuality:

  • Embodiment

    How to tap into and express your sexuality as a man.
  • Performance Issues

    Understanding premature ejaculation, erection troubles and the best methods to solve this.
  • Qi Gong

    Use breathing methods and grounding techniques to prolong sex indefinitely.
  • Diet & Supplements

    The most effective dietary and supplementation habits to install for maximum male virility.

Course outcomes

By the end of the SGM you'll be able to:

  • Solid Foundation of Sexual Engagement

    Have a solid foundation of sexual engagement on which to build including sexual health, anatomy, grooming and the mechanics of arousal, foreplay and intercourse.
  • Creating Fantasies

    Co-create and take women through fantasy scenes, from start to finish including negotiating/discussing and creating the fantasy, choosing and embodying roles, leading her through emotional and physical intense moments, building an erotic narrative, and debriefing and aftercare to complete the experience.
  • Lead a Woman Through Tantric Experiences

    Lead a woman through a tantric ritual, combining presence, ancient breathing and partner meditation techniques and sexual yoga.
  • Confidently apply BDSM

    Confidently apply BDSM techniques and assume the role of sexual Dominant using; rope tying, bondage, flogging, spanking, verbal commands, dirty talk, rough play and sensory manipulation.
  • Understand & Apply Advanced Sexual Techniques

    Understand and apply advanced sexual technique including: squirting orgasms, male multiple orgasms, anal sex, stamina building, threesomes & fully immersive fantasy scenes.
  • Use Advanced Sensual Massages

    Give an advanced sensual massage routine to relax and arouse your partners and deliver incredible pleasure while increasing your mastery over the female body.
  • Be a Truly Sensual Man

    Be a truly sensual man who is comfortable with exploring and expressing pleasure and sexual power.
  • Overcome Shame or Fear

    Overcome any sexual performance issues, shame or fear around your sexuality.

Y ou’ll also be immersed in a brotherhood of hand picked TNL tribe, getting the opportunity to form new friendships with the guys you’ll be staying with and spend time with the coaches outside of class hours.

This will give you an incredibly rare chance to get all the details of the sexual knowledge your coaches have explored over the years. Plus you have access to a group of sexually liberated honest women to ask anything you want and who are eager to reveal the secrets of feminine nature.

Methods and Mindsets for the rest of your life

As with all of our programs this training requires bravery and an open mind. We not only require that you stay fully committed to this process from the moment of signing up through to completion, but also be ready to explore new areas of your sexuality and be open to having your beliefs about female sexuality severely challenged. You can trust that we will be there to guide you through the experience, pushing your limits and imparting game changing methods and mindsets that will affect every sexual encounter and relationship for the rest of your life.

Join the sexual elite

T his is the first time such a wide range of knowledge surrounding the art of sex has been collected anywhere on the planet, with decades of experience gained by each of the coaches combined into an incredibly comprehensive package.

It would be almost impossible to learn everything in the Sex God Masterclass alone. Even spending countless hours digging through books or the internet or attending potentially dodgy workshops. Your three coaches have invested decades of study and practice into sexual mastery and now you have the unique opportunity to learn the most powerful mindsets and methods possible to step into a completely new level of sexual power.

As a TNL fan, you’ve been invited to apply

I hope that you’re the kind of guy who isn’t going to settle for mediocre sex for the rest of his life, that you’re hungry for more and that this one-of- a-kind workshop is perfect for you. It’s finally time to tap into the secret knowledge most men will never uncover. Discover a whole new world of pleasure and become a real sex god, whose bedroom abilities will have women begging to be with you.

Without this understanding and skill set, it’s more likely to be you begging them to give you one more chance to prove yourself as a man where it counts most of all - in the bedroom. If you’re tired of the same old limited experience of sex and are ready to take her to new heights of excitement and give her the deepest pleasures she and you have ever known come and join us.

Additional information

Package Includes

  • 7 Days full time coaching with James & Shae.
  • 6 Beautiful female assistants to practice with.
  • Hundreds of pages of unreleased notes on all areas covered - your complete Sex Bible
  • Video course of the techniques taught for revisiting after the live course.
  • 9 Nights high quality accommodation with your own private room.
  • Complete sex toy kit, including custom made BDSM toys.
  • 2 Follow up group webinars to check in after the course and discuss your progress and answer any questions.

Dates & Location



Workshop Dates

Sex God Masterclass in 2023:
23rd - 29th October 2023


Day 1:
Check-in and Orientation: 22nd October

Days 2 to 8:
Full days of instruction and role play from 12:00 - 20:00h

Day 9:
Check out: 29th October

There are only 6 spots available on the Sex God Masterclass

W e’ll be arranging apartments for you within the city centre that are walking distance to the private studio where classes will be conducted. This is included in the cost, along with a Sex Toy Kit that contains the best hand-picked toys you’ll need to take back home with you, as well as silk bondage ties and leather floggers custom made.

You are responsible for your transport to and from Budapest in time for the workshop, as well as living expenses such as food and taxis. You’ll be encouraged to be approaching during your time in Budapest so we suggest packing clothes that enable you to dress to impress.

As with all of our workshops we maintain a strict ratio of students to coaches in order to ensure the highest level of personal attention. Plus there is the added full team of 6 female assistants, making this the most personalized workshop we run.

There are only 6 spots available and we expect to sell out quickly.

If you have decided you are committed to your sexual mastery and a lifetime of mind blowing sex and are ready to join us, click here straight away to book in a no-obligation consultation call for full pricing and to find out if the course is right for you:

Hope to see you soon in Budapest,
James Marshall

Frequently Asked Questions

  • I’ve had normal sex my whole life and am completely new to this stuff. Is this right for me?

    Yes. We’ve catered the workshop assuming you’re walking in with limited to no knowledge of the broader world of what’s possible beyond vanilla sex. If anything, we hope you’re walking in frustrated that you haven’t even touched the surface of what’s out there and are hungry to learn everything we can teach you. We introduce techniques daily and allow you hours of practice time to master each technique.
  • I’ve never had complaints from girlfriends and consider myself good in bed. Is it worth the investment to get just a little bit better?

    Of course we don’t know exactly what goes on in your bedroom and certainly plenty of guys are competent in bed, especially with girlfriends they have learned how to please. However, there is a massive difference between being a guy who knows how to get a woman off, last half an hour and dabble in a little ass slapping; and a fully trained sex god who can give women earth shattering orgasms, draw out and make real her deepest fantasies, connect with her in the subtlest levels of intimacy and make her addicted to his every touch. This course will take you from wherever you are at to massive jumps in confidence, skill and understanding.
  • I’m still having trouble getting girls into bed, is this course worthwhile for me?

    Even if you’re still having trouble getting girls into bed, it’s important for you to take this course to start embodying more of your sexual power and presence as a man. Having more familiarity and confidence with escalation skills, touch, fantasy and role-play will make it easier for you to transition a date into the bedroom. Once you get women there, you’ll have a world class skill set to blow their minds, ensuring they’ll want to come back.
  • Can I bring a girl with me to take part in the course?

    Our mission with this course is to create an environment for men to explore their sexuality, both in discussion groups and in practical trainings. We are inviting a select group of clients who we feel are ready for this process. As such we will not be allowing students to bring their own girls with them to take part in the course. The girls we have picked are trained by us, discrete, incredibly open minded and sensual, so you will get opportunities to practice with different women and work with their various nuances of femininity.
  • Will I be forced to partake in any activities, such as inflicting pain, that I’m not comfortable with?

    This is a non-judgmental space for you to explore and experiment, and whilst we are encouraging you to step outside of your comfort zone, at no time will you be forced to do anything you do not want to. The first step we take in the workshop, as in the bedroom, is to establish a container of open communication, trust, and consent. This goes for both our students as well as the role- playing girls you’ll be working with. If at any stage you do not feel comfortable with something or don’t want to partake in an activity, you are welcome to say so and sit out.
  • What level of attention are you paying to hygiene, health and safety during the demonstrations?

    Alongside open communication and consent, hygiene, health and safety is of utmost important to us. You will receive a full briefing on how to maintain sexual health, what you need to be aware of as you start exploring these different practices, and how to safeguard against any potential problems or dangers. All activities during the workshop will adhere to these standards. There will be no student nudity or penetrative sexual contact between students and female assistants. There will be full body, hands on contact during the massage classes and female nudity during the demonstrations.
  • Will there be any resources after the course?

    We always try to deliver experiences that are as full and comprehensive as possible, often to the point of information overload. To ensure you’ll be able to revisit any of the course material after the workshop we will be providing extensive notes on each of the classes conducted during the week, as well as videos of all the main techniques for you to refer to. We will also run 2 follow up group webinars, where you can discuss your breakthroughs, experiences and ask any questions you have for the coaches.
  • Will I get to meet the girl I’m working alongside before the class?

    You will be working with a range of role-play girls over the course of the week who will be introduced to you on the first day. To begin with, there will be no physical contact; all activities will surround energy exchange and verbal communication. Day by day you will increase the level of touch, intimacy and intensity with the girls. There will be no nudity except in BDSM demonstrations.
  • Will there be chances outside of the classes to mingle with coaches and/or other students?

    Yes. You will be sharing accommodation with the other students, giving you a chance to form new friendships. You will also have the chance to sit down with the coaches for meal breaks to hang out and ask them questions throughout the week. Prepare for a very up close and personal week; you will be sharing a lot of intimate details about yourself, as will the other students involved. You’ll get to know secret levels of knowledge that the coaches only reveal on this workshop.