Natural Warrior Training

James Marshall's

Warrior Training

A Rite of Passage Into Masculine Power

Why take the warrior’s call?

An accelerated journey of ancient tribal initiations blended with 21st century masculine enhancement systems.

M odern men are missing the transformative experience of initiation into manhood. They are denied a clear call to their masculine hero’s journey and often fail to embark on their evolution towards their full potential.

Without strong male role models or practical journeys towards developing our healthy warrior nature we don’t learn how to embody a strong masculine spirit and build and maintain momentum on our mission.

This lack of proper guidance from role models can leave a man under-developed - in a state of immature, self doubting, emotionally locked-off masculinity.

This immature state manifests most obviously as social ineptitude, numb emotional expression, lack of grace or feeling at ease within yourself, and sexual shame or insecurity, but the truth is that disconnection from a healthy, grounded, fully embodied masculinity is debilitating in all areas of your life.

Self-worth remains shaky when you are uncertain about your emotional strength and ability to be resilient, and you are lacking mental flexibility or creativity in your purpose.

A nd yet the spark of our true power is always calling to us! It is deeply infused in our DNA. Our primal yearnings and innate desire call on us to explore our potential greatness.

Ignite Your Masculine Potenital

To ignite your masculine potential, to infuse your body, emotions, and mind with purpose, poise and power, you need to take a journey of deep self-exploration.

For 12 years I’ve trained men in the arts of seduction, inner game, and self-improvement. In that time I’ve consistently seen the same recurring underlying issues: social anxiety, physical stiffness and awkwardness, clouded thinking and lack of creative flow, and most importantly a lack of powerful self-worth and healthy masculine expression. These elements are the root causes of so many external social, romantic and life purpose issues.

To address these chronic issues, for years I’ve been experimenting with deeper level core change work, drawing expertise and training from masters around the world.

And now, I’ve finally perfected a program that takes a deep dive into what it means to be a fully actualised man.

By exploring the complex interplay of your inner world through a variety of specialised modalities, you will learn to ignite the specific archetypal aspects of yourself, so often suppressed in modern society – the Warrior, the Wildman and the Mystic.

The Natural Warrior Training provides an accelerated experience of ancient tribal initiations blended with 21st century personal enhancement systems.

A Unique Vision Quest

This is a unique vision quest that will empower you to open your mind, emotions and spirit. It’s time to become powerful and creative in your body, to rekindle the dormant Warrior inside you, to become the Wildman, the Mystic, a synergistically natural and fully embodied man.

The Call to Adventure

I am inviting you to join me and a team of elite physical, mental and spiritual specialists on an initiation into your masculine potential, installing rapid upgrades in your ability to use your body, express your passion and power, and tap into your deepest potential strengths and creativity.

The aim is to set you on the path to becoming a highly evolved, supple and joyful man, and to develop the ability to progress not only at the societal level of success (women, money, outward achievements) but on to continual personal evolution, feeling vital, clear-headed, emotionally stable and expressive. This training aims to help you feel relaxed and stress-free in your body, sensual and sexy, light-hearted and joyful while also embodying the spirit of a Warrior: Disciplined and brave, with clarity on your hero’s journey.

What is Natural Warrior Training?

The week-long training will be held at my private property, Natropia, in Portugal with a team of world-class masters I’ve hand picked.

You have the opportunity to join a mystery school of elite men, a brotherhood who will continue to support, teach and inspire each other for years to come.

You will be put through physically challenging, mentally intense retreat modules, activating your Warrior powers. You will face your fears and doubts and through initiation ordeals, both cutting edge and ancient change technologies, unlock and grow your potential as a liberated, open-hearted brave man.

You will leave with practical tools and habits to integrate into your daily life and practices for better health, mental clarity, mission and purpose and a healthy, powerful masculine sense of worthiness and sexual confidence.

Although not specifically a seduction or sexuality course, the man that emerges from this training is a sexy-as-fuck Warrior who is able to turn his life into an art form. Women respond to what the man is far more than what he says or how he tries to seduce her. A man firmly on his mission, living in his truth and power, is incredibly attractive and will be able to handle and nurture his women skilfully.

The Quest For Mastery

F or decades I’ve travelled the world experimenting and seeking the masters of different living art forms including martial arts, spirituality, tribal wisdom, dance, human movement, sexuality, mental excellence, business and lifestyle mastery.

In recent years I’ve been in a new phase of personal growth, continuing my research and have had to draw in a carefully curated inner circle of specialists in human potential.

I’ve personally seen the benefits from exploring not just the social, seductive and lifestyle aspects of the masculine journey but also the deeper personal exploration of one’s sense of self-worth, confidence, creative flow, spiritual peace, physical prowess and mature emotional expression.

Working With Thousands of Men

Working with thousands of men over the last decade has also revealed common patterns of underdevelopment in modern men that are draining their vitality and passion, sense of direction and self-worth with stiff thinking, linear and restricted movement, stuck emotions, and feeling locked in patterns of fear, shame, and reactivity.

These deep blockages impact all areas of a man’s life: His level of success, his sense of personal value, and the ability to truly feel at ease and satisfied with his life and path. Through countless clients I’ve seen that the key to a man’s social and sexual success is firmly grounded in the subjective sense of confidence, self worth, mission and flow that he experiences most often.

I n recent years I’ve spent intensive periods in the Peruvian Amazon, studying with ancient lineage holding shamans and the powerful plant medicines of the jungle traditions. These journeys and ordeals helped me to process deeply stuck emotions, opened up healing and inspiration, took me through intense warrior trials and ultimately, set more flow, natural balance and joy in my life for long periods after the retreats.

I have also sought out master level instruction in Kung Fu, returning to China to study under an exceptional internal energy master and ferocious martial artist, as well as getting into movement culture, primal movement, functional strength and coordination with Ido Portal, Fighting Monkey group, and others specialising in the intricacies of how to optimise your physical experience.

T aking my personal studies and combining forces with other world class trainers, for the last 2 years I’ve been running experimental versions of Natural Warrior training in the Australian outback with my inner circle clients - forging the teaching structure and drawing in the best teachers I've met in my many years of spiritual, physical and internal change journeys.

The effects have been profound on those who undertook the initiations: Complete power upgrades, clearing old traumas and recreating the way they experience life.

With a new and extended format now being held at my new home base at Natropia, I’m ready to present the complete program to you, by invitation, to join this exclusive retreat.


James Marshall's

Warrior Training

This is your hero’s journey

W e will explore the aspects of manhood most often missed in modern life and create a clear container to examine key archetypes within you. During Natural Warrior Training we will focus on three masculine archetypes; the Warrior, the Wildman and the Mystic.

These universally revered archetypes create blueprints for turning an average, directionless life into a profound journey of self-discovery and heroic success.

We will explore these aspects through classic stages of the Hero’s journey

  • Answering the call to adventure & revealing and nurturing your personal mission
  • Facing intensive breakthrough Warrior ordeals and training with your mentors
  • Rewilding: Facing your nature, autonomous power, unleashing your Wildman
  • Combining your personal power with a trained brotherhood to solidify your sense of belonging and positive contribution to a healthy tribe
  • Going on a deeply personal journey within to discover your spiritual truths, cathartic self-healing, and finding how to combine your worldly warrior path with the higher level, parallel path of the Mystic

Join Natural Warrior Training to

  • Build the healthy assertiveness, command of environment and robust physical expression of the Warrior
  • Unleash the primal power, natural ease and self-acceptance of the Wildman
  • Create a sacred space to dive into your spiritual connection to your higher self, the natural and elemental worlds around you and to gain higher insights into your mission and lifetime purpose through exploring the mind of the Mystic
Over the week’s training, through daily practical exercises, forums, meditations and group retreats, and within the hero’s archetypal framework, we will focus on 5 major themes that will guide the areas of training:


We are first and most palpably physical beings, inseparable from our environment and external pressures. Our ability to navigate complex terrain, mentally map and use hyper-alert senses has defined our success as a species. Yet in modern life we lose much of our movement and physical expression. Whereas other cultures danced, shook in trance, climbed, stalked, crawled, fought and lifted their way through their world, we often just walk and sit through it. This leads to feeling awkward and uncoordinated, not feeling cool and sexy, aging faster, and leading far less driven, masculine lives. This directly impacts our confidence with women, assertiveness in work, ability to experience feelings of calm and control, and our sense of purpose.

Test your outer limits of your current body

You will learn to test the outer limits of your current body, rapidly upgrade your exercise skill set, and completely remodel your physique and physical expression. Through ancestral movement patterns, modern movement science and testing yourself against the natural environment in rewilding exercises, you’ll explore your latent physical presence. You will become more graceful, improvisational, grounded and flexibly powerful through the course of this training.


So much of men’s trauma is repressed and ignored. We’re always told to toughen up and work hard. When denied an outlet to express our fear, anger, frustration, desire, sorrow, joy, and need for intimacy, men become numb, emasculated, docile or full of fury. This retreat allows you to express your fears and desires, and to reconnect with your masculine pride and joy through a deeply healing journey.

Uncover and process emotional traumasy

You’ll learn methods to uncover and process old emotional traumas and negative conditioning from childhood, parents, past relationships, and your own self-sabotage mechanisms. The retreat will address all areas of your experience creating holistic healing effect - releasing trauma from your physical body, through to remodelling the way your thoughts form, how you process emotions, and how your spiritual guiding mission keeps you on course.

& mission

Tap into your inherent worth as a man; a creator, a Warrior, a protector, and a community pillar. Understand and feel on a gut level that you are unique, valuable to yourself, women, your culture, and this time in history.

Uncover Your higher purpose

You’ll work to uncover your higher purpose both short-term and lifelong, opening your mind, body and emotions to your greater potential and power.
Cultivate your self-worth through the actions, mindsets, and practices of a warrior, learning to completely embody the experience of living in your power.


Tap into the power of positive tribal affiliation. Without dogma or indoctrination you’ll take the primal and deeply-wired need to join a group of elite men to share wisdom, support each other through healing, learning and growing, and build a life-long journey of shared excellence.

Unique experience Together

The group will go through a unique experience together and become bonded in a way your work buddies and occasional catch-up friends won’t be able relate to. Out of this week-long initiation a group of brothers will emerge that will continue to support and inspire each other. Much of the retreat’s work will be done in pairs or groups, practising techniques of strength, balance, coordination, focus, emotional expression & sensorial alertness. Learning to trust, support, and communicate deeply and clearly with each other, you and your new tribe will create a shared bond and mission.


The course provides a bridge between the Warrior and Mystic archetypes and takes you on a journey from boyhood to manhood. You’ll complete a modern vision and spiritual quest that will teach you how to open your mind, emotions, and spirit and become powerful and creative in your body. You’ll rekindle the dormant warrior inside you through internal and physical trials and skill upgrades.

Emerge a natural man

You’ll synergise the Wildman, the Warrior, and the Mystic, and emerge a natural and fully embodied man. Using ancient plant medicines and shamanic techniques to tap into collective wisdom and the flow of the natural world, you will be tested and instructed, taking a journey deep into your darkest truths and uncovering your pathway to harmony. You’ll return from your journeys with a renewed sense of clarity in your purpose, weights of stuck emotions dropped, and a firm yet supple confidence about how to move forward while deeply grounded in the present.

The 6 Schools
of Mastery

From these main thematic areas you will study a wide range of techniques from different human potential schools. From physical movement technology, meditation methods, mental focus and optimising strategies to emotional and artistic expression and catharsis training. We will cover 6 main areas of vital masculine skill sets:


Movement, Power
and Grace

C utting edge movement and exercise systems to make you supple, creative and powerful in your body.

How to turn daily workouts into experiences that don't just build muscle mass but create functional strength, fluid and graceful movement and help you experience life through your entire being rather than being stuck in your head.


masculinity training

R ediscover your primal power and creative mastery of your natural environment. Through tribal techniques of stalking, senses & sensitivity training, awareness and alertness to your environment, aggression channeling and war games, ancestral movement patterns, you’ll unleash your primal self: proud, flexibly strong, agile, acutely aware and responsive while also allied deeply to the strengths of his tribe.


Meditation &
Internal Mastery

Y ou’ll be deeply immersed in ancient meditation techniques, both static and dynamic, aiming to quieten your mind, access energy centres, and connect your mind, body and emotions into a fully unified and balanced experience. The coaches will reveal secret methods from Shaolin temple, Taoist & Tantra masters, and tribal traditions to create a synergy of energy, focus, and internal power. With an objective and mentally focussed mind, relaxed and stable awareness over your emotions and body, your meditation becomes a daily continual practice, infused into your way of living.


Mental Mastery &
Flow states

Y ou’ll receive cutting edge mental training on how to access flow states, best manage your time and energy, and install effective habits that cut through self-sabotage.

You’ll develop the ability to create effective goal-setting techniques and daily habits to cut through distraction and doubt. This is a real opportunity to create long-term goals aligned with a higher power lifetime mission.


Masculine Power &

Sexual vitality

Y ou’ll learn Dragon Yoga, a mix of ancient Taoist Qi-Gong exercises, and male sexual vitality movement sequences.
Understand systems that increase testosterone, sexual energy flow, and hip and spine mobility to make your body an optimal sex machine.

Learn how to inhabit your body as a complete sensual experience. Feel more pleasure, happiness and relaxation in your body, and master your arousal state for greater sexual stamina and confidence in healthy masculine dominance.


Shamanic Vision Quests

Y ou’ll explore your innermost truths and visionary insights through a powerful series of ancient ceremonial vision quests.
You'll have the opportunity to go through several ceremonies and powerful traditional shamanic plant medicine experiences. With a very experienced shaman leading the tribe, we'll be taking powerful plant medicines to dig deep into the psyche, help heal past traumas, release stuck emotions and thought patterns, and access higher wisdom to gain clarity on your mission. Some of plant medicines may alter your state of consciousness or have psychedelic effect. These can be intense but you will be very well prepared both mentally and physically and held in a safe environment with experienced facilitators overseeing your journey.

Daily Training Format

E ach morning you will be picked up from your accommodation in Coimbra and driven to the property to start training at 10am. Classes continue with breaks until around 8pm each day, when you will be bussed back to your accommodation. Every day you will be taken through multiple classes led by one or more of the coaches, mostly held outside on the property grounds, or in the gym. You will have breaks for meals, which will be provided onsite.

Day 1-4
Days 1-4 will be intensive classes in succession all day.
Day 5-7
Days 5-7 will have classes and also shamanic ceremonies.
Day 8
Day 8 is for integration, debrief and future planning.

The course is 8 days total with 7 intensive coaching days.

Coaching days will include demonstrations & explanation of methods with the majority of time spent on practical application with supervision and correction by the coaches.

Note on fitness level and preparation

The course will be physically strenuous but not at an athlete level. You do not need to be super fit but the ability to lift your body weight (pushups, pullups, planks, crawls etc) and have a good level of cardio fitness will assist. I will recommend starting a basic fitness, stretch and strength routine in the lead up to the retreat. It is also recommended to have a daily meditation practice.

You will be given detailed instruction on dietary and mental preparation in advance.

Note on shamanic medicine use

During the Warrior Training, you will have the opportunity to be guided through several traditional Shamanic healing and insight ceremonies. These are led by Tom Malachi, who has 25 years experience with these methods. The plant and animal medicines we will be using have been part of traditional tribal ceremonies for thousands of years.

This is NOT an unstructured drug trip party.

The medicines are safe when taken under supervision and with the right preparation (we will be providing a routine of diet and lifestyle restrictions leading up to the retreat, e.g. no alcohol or certain foods for a week before).

These substances are not for entertainment or feeling high, although some of the plant medicines can have strong psychedelic and purgative effects. They can unlock stuck emotions and trauma and transmit powerful insights about your past, path and the higher truths you seek. There may be some medications (especially mental health and heart medication) that are contraindicated, so please advise any medication that you are taking.

We will provide more information on exactly which plants and ceremonies will be used.

Warrior Tribe

James Marshall

Tribe leader and facilitator of the Warrior journey

An early call to escape a monotonous, comfort-based, life led James on a relentless journey across the globe seeking mentorship from elite teachers in the physical, mental, and spiritual optimization realms.

Along the way, he trained intensively for years at the Shaolin Temple under the last great masters, toured Australia with his rock’n’roll band, and founded The Natural Lifestyles, the world’s most successful natural seduction & lifestyle design coaching company.

Over the past 12 years, he has coached tens of thousands of guys in building emotionally fulfilling, and sexually abundant romantic lives, but he didn’t stop there...

Martial Arts
Masculine Evolution


Shae Matthews

Inner Game Wizard

Shae is what tens of thousands of men worldwide vouch for as the “Inner game wizard”.

His unparalleled understanding of the inner realities of men allows him to conduct rapid, surgical improvements in their egos, belief systems, and subconscious triggering mechanisms to exponentially transform their self-esteem and overall experience of reality.

Inner Discovery
Archetypal Training
Masculine Embodiment


Erros Chiodo

Holistic Movement Coach

As a holistic movement coach, Erros is an elite master in the realms of physical longevity, functional strength & self-expression.

Functional Strength
Joint and Skeletal Integration
Creative Embodiment


Tom Malchi

Curandero (healer)

A ritualist, medicine man and holistic counselor. Specialising in creating safe spaces for meeting master plant teachers for profound life experiences.

Plant medicine Shaman

Tom Malchi

Shaman, plant and energy healer
Shamanic ceremonies
Plant Medicine Journeys

Tribute to James Skalkos

Founding warrior tribe member James Skalkos - Tragically died in a car accident Feb 2020. James is forever deeply missed, he was a truly magnificent, golden hearted man. We respectfully honor his legacy through passing on his teaching and memory.

Training Details


James private property, 20km east from Coimbra, Portual. You will be housed in the nearby village of Vila Nova de Poires and bussed in every morning.


You will have a private double en-suite room at a Hotel in Villa Nova De Poiares.


Our on site Italian chef Federico prepares 2 full fresh, healthy banquets and smoothies and snacks everyday.


You will need to make your way to and from Coimbra, Portugal. Coimbra can be reached easily by train from Porto airport (90 minutes) or Lisbon airport (2 hours). We will arrange your transfers to and from Coimbra to Natropia and can help with any Covid tests or documentation needed to get into or out of portugal.


2022 Natural Warrior Retreat:
13th August to 21st August 2022
Places for the Warrior retreat is limited to 12 students
Check In
13th August 2022
Day 1. All students are accommodated for the duration of the Warrior Retreat in Villa nova de Poires, Portugal. Check in opens 14:00h one day prior to training commencement.
Training Days
13th - 21st August 2022
Days 2 to 9. Warrior Retreat runs for 8 consecutive days of live training at Natropia.
Check Out
22nd August 2022
Day 10. Students check out of their accommodation at 11:00h

Full Warrior Package

Join the Natural Warrior Brotherhood

I invite you to join me, a unique X-men team of human potential experts, and a band of motivated brothers on this ground-breaking journey.If you’re ready to make this the year for real breakthroughs in your evolution, book in a call with Jon, Kurt, or Alex to discuss everything in detail or to book in your place. Book a call as soon as possible. Spots are limited and selling fast.

I hope to see you at Natropia, ready to embark on a truly life-transforming mission together.

James Marshall

Included In Course

  • All training & equipment
  • Shamanic ceremony materials
  • 9 nights accommodation
  • 2 meals per day
  • Ongoing Warrior brotherhood membership and support

Join the Natural Warrior Brotherhood