Residential workshops and seduction tours

Barcelona Residential

dating coach

7 day residential in Barcelona with James, Liam, Jess & Tony. Gorgeous beaches, perfect weather and of course… sexy women.

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Belgrade Mini Residential


Over the course of 4 action packed days, Liam McRae, Jess Daly and Tony Solo will walk you through the ins and outs of seduction, from the simplicity of how to approach women on the street and in bars, how to spark powerful sexual tension with women ...

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New York Residental

new york dating

Week long residential in New York City. Hit the world’s greatest city, meeting the hottest models, actresses, hipsters, corporate ladies from every corner of the planet with James and TNL crew. Daily training at parks, cafes, street, lounges an...

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Tantric Massage


Learn sex magic tricks, in this practical boutique workshop working with a world renowned tantric master & live female model.   Full participation ranging from seductive foreplay to advanced bedroom skills.

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The Euro Tour


The world’s only 10 day travelling seduction bootcamp. Led by James Marshall since 2008, this is the most intense and effective infield workshop available anywhere. Round the clock seduction with the world’s hottest women and best infield coaches...

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Inner Game coaching


Private inner game sessions available with TNL change specialist Shae Mathews. Break through limiting beliefs, super charge your confidence, set powerful goals and dissolve anxiety. Beginner to advanced. Melbourne and worldwide phone coaching.  ...

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Introductory Coaching

Style Coaching Worldwide


Coaches: Jess Daly

Personalised style coaching with Jess Daly in Melbourne, New York and Europe.   Shopping excursions, grooming sessions, seductive archetype creation. Let your style do half the work for you, feel like a boss. Beginner to advanced. Available; Melbour...

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One on one coaching


Coaches: James Marshall, Tony Solo, Jess Daly, Liam McRae, Shae Mathews

Hit the field with the Naturals, fine-tune your approaches with filmed breakdowns, work through lifestyle and inner game issues.  Intermediate to advanced.  

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Phone Coaching

Image: Smiling man at work

Coaches: Shae Mathews, Liam McRae, Jess Daly, Tony Solo, James Marshall

Private phone coaching sessions available world wide with Liam and Shae. Work through sticking points, design lifestyle abundance, receive missions and regular feedback, stay motivated. Beginner to advanced. Worldwide.

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